Description: Inspirational ambient background music featuring synth, gentle pads on the background, bass and drums. Perfect for corporate media, motivational videos, TV commercials, advertisements, media projects and podcasts, web, marketing and other video production.

Description: a very romantic melody for comedy sentimental and lovers piano romantic love and sensuel crafted with care many edits

Description: Brought in by rhythmical percussion which helps the simple ethereal chords of the background ebb and flow under the dreamy melody. Smooth but moving.

Description: Beautiful piano melodies and light orchestration creating a warm, loving atmosphere of peace, love and tranquility. This gorgeous New Age piece would be a nice underscore for romantic scenes, Valentines Day events, massage, yoga, meditation or any project needing a serene and loving feel. 60 second version.

Description: A funky modern arpeggiated electronic groove beat with electronic percussion and synthesizer effects. It's a confident high tech and futuristic R&B passage for related video production events. 105 beats per minute.

Description: A short dramatic and atmospheric cue with lead guitar, background synth and marimba.

Description: Smooth and bright with introspective acoustic piano and smooth strings create a tender mood.

Description: Melancholy with introspective acoustic piano and smooth strings depict a solemn and somber scene.

Description: Tender and gentle with warm acoustic piano and lush strings create a romantic and heartwarming scene.

Description: This beautiful background music really strikes a majestic chord. The soothing marimba takes over as the bright and peaceful melody takes over. The music is soft, minimal, and emotive enough to work great with a wide variety of applications including nature, travel, outdoors, presentations, television, and much much more.

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