Description: A thoughtful, emotional and reflective track featuring gentle and beautiful harp and soft orchestra. Suitable for various Audio Visual projects and applications, video games,romantic videos, inspirational projects, documentary series and film scene transitions.

Description: Beautiful and emotionally fulfilling piece of music featuring piano, bells and orchestra. Starts with piano and slowly builds as bells, cello and violins come in, adding extra layers of emotions and dynamics. Perfect for inspirational projects, commercials, romantic videos and so on.

Description: A Ttrackthat speaks of hope, because after every pain and after every fall there is always a rebirthingl. Rebirth. A piano song with strings inserts and some textures typical of the new age songs. Relaxing and exciting, sweet and melancholy is a hymn to people who struggle for what they believe in and who think that there is always an alternative and that there is always a second chance to be happy.

Description: Romantic, Quiet, Intense and peaceful piano Track

Description: classical guitar peace dreamy and etheral

Description: classical guitar peace edgy and warm

Description: Spanish guitar peace, warm and sweet

Description: warm and sweet classical guitar piece

Description: Instrumental music made for acoustic instruments. The music is leaded by a piano, which starts the main notes of the composition, playing the main rhythm. Later other acoustic instruments like guitars and strings are incorporated, giving to the music more harmony and body. The style is very near to new age and acoustic ambient, and fits very well in calm and relaxing scenes, as a background.

Description: classical guitar theme warm and sweet

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