Description: Lazy minor key melancholy strings, clean distant guitars, piano melody and laid back tom-tom jazz drums arranged take the listener on a trip to another place and time.

Description: Shorter version of full length track "Uplifted Serenade'. An acoustic petition to a higher power. Ringing acoustic guitar rhythm track and lead acoustic guitar part, with bass and a delicate synth string pad. See also other mixes and loop form of this track.

Description: New Age, Poignant, Reflective, Ballad, Retrospective, Sentimental, Gentle, Tender, in a Reflective, Sad mood, featuring Piano, with a Slow tempo

Description: New Age, Peaceful, Relaxed, Tender, Gentle, Ballad, in a Reflective mood, featuring Piano, with a Very Slow tempo

Description: chilled out fingerstyle guitar with strings. this would be suitable for romantic or landscape type scenes.

Description: awesome acoustic new age instrumental. exactly 60 seconds.