Description: swing jazz combo. Light jazz with a meditative ambient influence.

Description: satori means an awakening – a moment of enlightenment. gentle wind, a beautiful flute melody, and keyboard sounds.

Description: extremely placid, enhanced by the sounds of water. also features the shakulute and some acoustic guitar with restful voices.

Description: acoustic, guitar, acoustic guitar

Description: a smooth creamy lead melody matched by a piano are featured here on top of hand drums as well as voices chanting.

Description: this piece reaches deep inside and evokes confidence. features shakalute, a shakuhachi/traditional flute hybrid. also smooth vocals conjuring the divine.

Description: This is a relaxation type of song. I think it could work well for a relaxation scene or possibly an herbal tea commercial. The main instrument is an acoustic guitar.

Description: new age instrumental ambient electronica.

Description: flamenco guitar and afghan rubab create a spacious open mystical melody.

Description: “Hauntingly beautiful, imaginative, cinematic, emotive and relaxing. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing the music of Michael Samson. His music will reach deep into your soul, expressing the inexpressible...”

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