Description: Time or events speeded up, fast forward. Busy uptempo finger picked acoustic guitar. 60 and 30 sec versions

Description: Dramatic building music cue. The camera zooms in from space flying over vast deep blue oceans, meeting huge crashing waves. Opens gently with a single note played by violins, gradually expanding with slow piano chords, then blooming into huge epic crescendos with swelling cymbal crashing waves.

Description: Uptempo, pastoral, bright, warm and happy acoustic theme. Ideally suited to nature, outdoor, gardening, or even telephone on hold. Prodvided as main theme and 60 and 30 sec versions

Description: Slow, reflective and melancholic. Beautiful, heart warming and passionate reflection in to past times, as the years roll by. Tinged with sadness and regret of lost loves. Features piano and strings. Perfect for drama, documentary and commercials for elderly care, health related and services. Main, 60 and 30sec in full and underscore mixes

Description: Sentimental and melodramatic solo violin. This well-known tune was written by Theodore Moses-Tobani in 1893 and originally called A New Flower Song. Often associated with over the top melodrama and parody, this dramatic cue is perfect for radio, TV, film and the theatre. Sweet and cloying. 60sec and 30sec

Description: Beautiful, calm, warm & thoughtful 30sec commercial. This track exudes quality, luxury and charm. Features classical nylon guitar, Acoustic guitar, strings and marktree wind chimes. Perfect for high quality products or romantic valentines gifts. 30sec Ad, Commercial or Spot.

Description: Historic, jolly and lively 13th Century AD jig or dance from England and Europe. Full of merriment and splendour, a circular reel, from the crusades period. Features authentic instruments including the recorder and the dulcimer. Ideal for period drama, documentary, travelogues, radio and TV commercials. Main, 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Bright, light-hearted and warm theme for children with strong logo. Playful summer days, blue skies, fluffy white clouds in golden meadows. Ideal for childrens theme, TV music, adverts and commercials for childrens products or healthy products and foods. With commercial legth cuts and underscores

Description: Jolly, bright and up tempo version of the famous Sousa march. Feel the swell of the waves and smell the salty air with this solo piccolo and whistles version, in the style of a sea shanty. Perfect for all nautical flavoured commercials, documentary, presentations, theme parks and attractions. 30sec versions with or without tambourines.

Description: Dark, brooding and sinister, yet calm, gentle and haunting theme. Forensic investigation at the scene of the crime. Perfect for TV theme or incidental music depicting crime, death and destruction. Features keyboard pads, piano, harp, choir and solo violin. Various cuts and stings, main, 60sec, short theme and stings

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