Description: 5-sec animated electronic music cue for corporate presentation, logo, bumper, scene transition, cartoon, electronic gadgets or video games.

Description: Grimy instrumental hip-hop beats. Eerie melodies mixed with percussion give this track a slow bounce feel. Production music for themes dealing with dark drama, haunting, intimidation, evil plots, psycho or scary scenarios. Sounds like RZA. (full track available)

Description: Short electronic musical burst with SFX that sounds like you just got your lights punched out! Useful as a logo or scene transition. Think extreme sports programming, fighting video game cue, physical challenges and animated videos.

Description: Dynamic and exciting Hip-Hop beat with a quirky electronic feel. Wobbling synth cords, humming bass line and exciting breaks keep this track engaging. Nice for extreme sports, nerds, electronics, youth promos, or radio ads.

Description: Exciting hip-hop short with funky electronic bass groove and dj/turntable scratch. Usage for scene cue, company logos, flash, childrens music, comedy show entrance, scene transition, urban jingle, program to commercial transition, video game cue. Sounds like Cartoon Network.

Description: Comical flute melody with run away piano keys, toms and cymbal crash finale. Trinket SFX included in background. Cue.

Description: Dirty south style hip-hop cue with bouncy hi-hats and 808 kicks. Nice for scene transitions or program to commercial cue. Reality tv. Maybe even a logo or ident.

Description: Quirky Hip-Hop beat with cymbal crash, whirling synthesizer, and friendly whistle. Useful for cartoons or scene transitions during reality television. Corny personality.

Description: Short 8 second cue with acoustic drum set rhythm, toy sounding organ, cymbal crash resolving in Sitar instrument. Nice for animated films, cartoons, on-line games, ringtone, TV, candy and snack advertising, scene transition, amusement parks, game shows and more. Logo. Branding. Needle drop.

Description: Somber Hip-Hop instrumental bed conveys moments of uncertainty, worrying, dull, unsure, doubt, blues, depression, or loneliness. Useful for documentaries on substance abuse, job loss, dilemma, prison life. Also urban demographic commercials, anime, adult swim program listing, logo, voice over & more. (full edit available)

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