Description: Short but epic "Cinematic Fanfare Logo 1" is the heroic Hollywood sound you need for your project. Perfect for brief title cards, logo branding, blogs, or even a quick music cue within your video.

Description: If hip hop, electronica, and reggae got funky and had a baby, this is what it would sound like - in the form of this aggressive and hyped up logo. Perfect for logo branding for online vids, commercials, title cards, or anywhere you need a short blast of some energetic beats.

Description: Short and bold, "Epic Intro" is a strong, action style track for any brief title sequence. Heavy drums and intense strings add great energy to the cue.

Description: Short, intense, and to the point, "Action Intro" is a dramatic orchestra and choir cue designed for a brief trailer or quick action sequence. Dark and moody, but uptempo and aggressive, this track will add depth, intensity, and drama to your project.

Description: Powerful rock ballad meets emotional symphonic strings in "As A Rock". Uplifting and determined, this track provides a strong underscore for an corporate, dramatic, or adventure project. This piece is also great for grand nature shots, romantic triumph, or even a reflective walk down the beach.