Description: A piece that depicts momentum and drive, close string counterpoint with theme being taken up by piano. In the style of minimalist film music like Phillip Glass

Description: This was composed for a Female Lotion advertisement and was never used. Gentle and soft style with piano and strings.

Description: An up-beat 'western' style piece that gives the impression of a journey to the 'west'. On a horse, or in a car with the top down this track depicts a happy journey.

Description: Catchy, Dramatic, Scenic, Filmic piece depicts montage of fast cars, beach, nightlife, a la miami for instance!

Description: Short Scene, Soft, Gentle, Harp and Piano

Description: TV theme - title theme or scene

Description: Spooky and Tense - this track was written for a short drama but we used a different track for a particular scene. It depicts longing but with some real dark twists.

Description: Depicts a scene in the trenches at war. Cold, dark, miserable and emotionally draining. Strings help to bring the emotion of the feeling of a soldier.

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