Description: A short musical sound effects with synthesizer frequency swells, glassy pads, and glittery musical effects for indents, reveals, or any related visual events.

Description: Brighten and energize your indent with this sparkling synthesizer logo. It shines with sprinkling hi tech arpeggio and a swirling frequency fluidity. It is in the key of D major and gives and uplifting bright feel.

Description: A shiny burst of synthesizer frequency swells in the key of E major and glittery musical sound effects to brighten up and add some energy to bumper indents.

Description: Eerie build-up leading to chase or intense drama. Continue towards extreme heart-stopping climax.

Description: Stinger or bumper for Sitar at the Bazaar or on it's own.

Description: Short Sitar stinger (or bumper). Works well with Sitar Sunrise.

Description: This is a short indent from the well known and loved Christmas classic that is of German origin The popular lyrics are from 1824 by Ernst Anschtz. The melody is an old folk tune Tannenbaum lyrics dating back to 1550.

Description: Time: Encouraging and inspirational track

Description: Slow and Mysterious Track; slightly slower than Dark Cabin 1

Description: Slow and mysterious track

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