Description: Sweet and innocent, playful music, great for any childrens or family product. The cue has a wholesome vibe and will work well as a music bed for voiceover.

Description: Playful piano with cheeky brass and bouncy upbeat percussion. Happy, uplifting and light hearted music cue, great for underscore for childrens TV, comedy or advertising

Description: Upbeat urban pop/dance track, upright pianos with a driving four to the floor beat. Playful whistle melody in the background, 'old skool' feel with lots of electro clicks and sounds

Description: Fast paced urban pop/dance track, electro synths and clicks and a driving beat, with a vocoder "Oh Yeah" in the background. Great music cue for advertising or for young urban demographic, very cheeky!

Description: Upbeat dance/pop track, uplifting synths and rhythms that really groove, has a driving four-to-the-floor beat with pulsating synths that are guaranteed to get your feet itching, great for commercial underscore, internet advertising and many media productions.

Description: Upbeat, lively urban pop/dance track, electro clicks and glitches great for advertising underscore, has a positive uplifting vibe.

Description: Fast paced urban pop/dance track, electro synths with clicks and glitches, uplifting, driving beat, perfect for adverting or music cues.

Description: Electro glitches and tics, mutated sounds with an electro melody. Perfect for underscore, great for advertising. Lively, fast paced and upbeat.

Description: Rock track edgy and cool 30 seconds

Description: Edgy, aggressive rock, guitars, commercial, 30 second spot