Description: Time: Encouraging and inspirational track

Description: Laidback and reflective, featuring solo acoustic piano in the style of Jazz with Gospel and Blues elements creates a sentimental mood.

Description: Light and heartfelt featuring solo acoustic piano in the style of Gospel Jazz creating an uplifting and inspirational mood.

Description: Organic and Earthy with a driving drum loop groove, light pads and acoustic guitar create a reflective and peaceful mood.

Description: Warm and sentimental featuring solo acoustic piano creating a reflective mood.

Description: Sentimental and bright, featuring solo acoustic piano in the style of New Age Jazz creates a warm and nostalgic mood.

Description: Sentimental and content with light solo classical acoustic guitar rhythms create a warm and nostalgic mood.

Description: Bouncy and happy with an 80's feel R&B groove and smooth pads create an uplifting mood.

Description: Solo acoustic guitar with a light synth pad. Slow, open and relaxed. Contemplative and peaceful. Great background for film or TV.

Description: Sad dramatic music with sentimental elements. Hard times, melody from the north, sad as pain. These strings and flutes is as sorrow itself, very deliberative sad and touching. Nature and people for rural themes, documentary, history, funeral, tragedy scene. Defeated sad soundtrack. Tragic, nature, crying, heart, World, Sorrow, Depressed, Helpless, sad, violin, painful, landscape, pollution, funeral, sadness, sorrow, song, mourning, national, geographic, documentary, bleeding, Melancholy, Mournful, Hopeless, tragic, drama, scene, pain, grieve, Regretful, Painful, sentimental, dramatic, lonely, historical, history, north, slow, strings, hell, winter