Description: in the style of herbie hancock.

Description: A timpani drum passage that's great for adding tension, suspence, and building up serious emotions. 120 beats per minute.

Description: Mid-Tempo dramatic hip-hop expression with escalating edgy feeling. Strings bring tension and suspense leaving anticipation. Nice for investigative news documentary or themes portraying time is essential.

Description: A lively track featuring pizzicato violas, marimba, wurly, acoustic guitar and percussion. Has a bouncy, happy feel.

Description: Plucked and bowed strings play slow, sad composition accompanied by piano, suggested for setting of a formal funeral, serious narrative or bittersweet, tragic love scene, also to underscore images of natural disaster relief, PSAs and calls to donate. Key of G minor

Description: Big rock track, live instruments with great modern production, catchy riffs which are instantly pleasing. Please take the time to listen to my other tracks if you enjoy this one.

Description: What do our mothers dream of? Piano and nothing else!

Description: A happy melody with ukelele, piano and trumpet.

Description: Wonderful pretty piano and string track with multiple versions, epic feelings that touch the listener, I have made a large number of lovely piano and string orchestrations which are here also for you to listen to if you choose under my name. These are very versatile and fit into visual applications with simplicity.

Description: oriental pipes transport you to a mysterious place