Description: Perfect for tense scenes or life changing decisions, moody and dark, great for documentary or moments of high drama

Description: Joyful and innocent music cue with vibraphone and strings, perfect for children and babies or commercial

Description: Very short jazz piece - great for stinger/scene change.

Description: Playful percussion with a bit of cheeky brass, cue has a ticking clock melody, this is a great music cue for game shows, time is running out, beat the clock. Good for cartoon or animation soundtrack, will also suit comedy underscore for family fun scenes. Music to make you smile!

Description: Dramatic piano backed with ambient pads,perfect for underscore.Piano keys are kept sparse and simple to allow the visual to speak for itself,this is a dramatic unserscore that will enhamce but not detract from a visual whether filmscore or advertising use.Perfect for finacial product advertising.

Description: Playful, light bouncy piano and orchestral strings work together to create a superb comedy music cue, would suit childrens TV and has many commercial/advertising uses. Perfect comedy underscore for wholesome family fun. Late introduction of brass for a rump a pump visual joke!

Description: Atmospheric Music cue, danger ahead, something hiding. Good for reality TV/documentery

Description: Fear of the unknown, something hiding, atmospheric music cue, great for scene changes

Description: Short orchestral piece with flute, strings and harp. Great for scene ending, ID spot or logo.

Description: Very short orchestral stinger - perfect for emotional scene change!