Description: Laidback with a mixture of synthetic and acoustic sonorities create an introspective and somewhat solemn mood.

Description: Introspective and lightly rhythmic featuring solo acoustic guitar in a modern classical style creates a heartwarming mood.

Description: Bright acoustic piano introduction slowly building with electronic textures, electric guitar and a drum loop groove create an optimistic mood.

Description: Dark synth melody with electronic pulsing textures and laidback groove create a suspenseful and mysterious mood.

Description: Light and easy, bright and optimistic. A great track for ads or retail application.

Description: Content and bright with light solo classical acoustic guitar rhythms creates a calm and warm mood.

Description: Warm and sentimental featuring solo acoustic piano with Blues elements creating a reflective mood and depicting a patriotic scene.

Description: up tempo pop/rock track great for music cues for film, tv, commercials, industrail.

Description: Time or events speeded up, fast forward. Busy uptempo finger picked acoustic guitar. 60 and 30 sec versions

Description: A beautiful rendition of ""Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"".