Description: Electro synth loop introduces a fast paced guitar track that will suit corporate, commercial, advertising use. Great driving beat to introduce a product. Will suit many media uses including corporate presentations, shows, live applications and web ads.

Description: Guitars, percussion and electro vibes. Good upbeat track for corporate DVDs, commercial and advertising, great music cue to introduce a high adreneline shot, young urban demographic, skateboards, free runners, stunts... great for promo vids.

Description: Pretty piano melody, excellent dramatic music cue for TV and underscore, sweet and simple will suit commercial and advertising.

Description: Fresh uplifting and motivational track, positive vibe, great for underscore to a voiceover, track builds using female vocals and percussion. Great feeling positivity, the winning team! Perfect for corporate presentation or commercial/advertising.

Description: Stunning piano and elegant strings, this music cue will work well as dramatic underscore where you want to move your audience. Perfect for human drama and emotions, moments of life changing events, very cinematic, pensive and poignant. It will make you want to cry!

Description: Stunningly emotive solo piano, perfect for dramatic underscore, very moving and poignant. If you are looking for a cue that will move your audience to tears then this is it!

Description: Sweet strings and sparse piano key melody provide a perfect underscore music cue that is suited to human drama and emotional scenes. The cue will work well as a commercial/advertising underscore if you want to add warm music undertones to accompany a visual

Description: Dramatic solo piano underscore, perfect for moments of high drama and emotion, very pensive and thought provoking. Great music cue for documentary or reality TV if you want to pull on the heartstrings of the viewer and use for comtemplative moments of life changing decisions.

Description: Light-hearted comedy underscore, perfect for wholesome family fun, childrens TV, reality shows for comedic scenes. Music to make you smile, warm, whimsical and uplifting, great for commercial and advertising.

Description: Light-hearted pizzicato strings and a cheeky trombone create a happy uplifting music cue that will make you smile.Great for advertising and commercial will work for childrens TV and also comedic underscore. Overall vibe of the track is joyful contagious laughter that spreads a smile across your face