Description: Create a relaxing and atmospheric mood with this track, acoustic guitar intro with a soft melodic piano creating a gentle and soothing moment that will relax your soul. soft violins and cellos close the track. Perfect for underscore and will work with a voiceover.

Description: Short and bold, "Epic Intro" is a strong, action style track for any brief title sequence. Heavy drums and intense strings add great energy to the cue.

Description: Short sudden Impactful transition that trails off with music

Description: 15 seonds of african congo style drumming with fadeout makes an ideal segue or stinger for your production.

Description: Simple, sweet piano melody... no more... no less. If you are looking for something delightful and uncomplicated that would be great for product advertising this is for you. Happy families and childlike innocence.

Description: Hard driving pop rock theme with a lot of energetic enthusiasm. A full rock ensemble with electric guitar and bass, lead guitar melody, and drum kit. It includes a whammy bar and drum solo crescendo ending. 152 bpm

Description: Dubstep Ident ready to use for video intros, games, trailers and many more.

Description: A beautiful rendition of ""Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"".

Description: Sparkling and bright, medium paced canter through the snow. Full of Christmas cheer and that warm holiday feeling. Main mix, 60, 30 and 08 sec versions