Description: A single dramatic chord on tremelo strings - just like the old fashioned silent movie cues.

Description: The silent movie villain makes his appearance as this cliched, corny (and now funny) brassy phrase plays.

Description: Solo harp plays slow, sad composition suggested for setting of a formal funeral, serious narrative or bittersweet, tragic love scene.

Description: Build up the emotional suspence for an indent with heavenly choir and a lush string ensamble that heralds in and lifts up the visual point. A stunning choir orchestra introduction that builds up with increasing volume and and higher note pitch lasting 20 seconds.

Description: From the sudden jumps to the outright grotesque, this track will lure you into a world of axe murderers, cannibals, zombies, and hostile aliens. Can you hear the voices?

Description: Build up a splash with this synthesizer harmonic frequency filter swelling, glassy chime glitter effects, and a major triad choir melodic build up for video introductions, logos, indents, suspence, data, and credits.

Description: A quick splash synthesizer swell leads into a long sweeping swell with choir and synth shimmer that builds to a dynamic conclusion. This works great for a bright initial sting followed by a slow fade in or out effect.

Description: A short music logo stinger for a dramatic image or idea revelation.

Description: A front end shimmer impact splash with trailing synthesizer frequency swell for video production indent suspence.