Description: Chromatic harp with pizzicato strings and percussion play a motif-driven piece suggested for intimate scenes of mischief or secrecy.

Description: A long synthesizer swell that evolves over time with a string background that also evolves into a B minor chord for tension suspence.

Description: A short burst of swelling synthesizer and choir effects for video introductions, logos, indents, suspence, and credits.

Description: 10 seconds of synthesizer harmonic frequency filter swelling and glitter effects for video introductions, logos, indents, suspence, data, and credits.

Description: Make an impact and get some attention with this powerful indent cue that swells with synthesizers and a reverse cymbal then impacts with a strong pealing thunder clap and persussion.

Description: Accent your video production indent with this high tech synthesizer excitement.

Description: This is a great video production indent with multi-directional layers of sparkling effects and frequency swells. The combination of high tech synthesizers and traditional heavenly choir will be an effective addition to any needed visual effect.

Description: Solid, sweeping & resolute electronic dance with strong beat. Pacey & upbeat Euro dance with a Corporate and industrial feel. Various mixes, great underneath voice-overs on Documentary and audio visuals. Features sweeping synths, arps, piano, keyboards & drum kit. Various mixes & versions

Description: Jaunty, light & fluffy pizzicato strings. For those less than serious, whimsical moments. Full of movement & contains faster & slower passages with lots of pauses making it easy to edit. Perfect for Reality TV, Comedy, Light Corporate & Dramedy. Various mixes