Description: “Bells Logo” is one of a series of short bells logo cues ,Idea use in identification, branding, podcast, or broadcast And Apps…

Description: A quirky and slightly demented Music Box track.

Description: A pretty Music Box track with an inquisitive sound.

Description: This is the first logo version of the full October track for radio sweepers, or sitcom short cuts, ect.

Description: solo piano segue to new scene or segment.

Description: Great summertime, bright & breezy, foot-tapping theme. Happy, jolly, carefree & melodic. Features strummed ukelele, tenor sax, vocal percussion, tuba & mute trumpet. Perfect for family, children, outdoor fun & frolicks. Main mix, underscore, 30sec & sting versions.

Description: Christmas holiday scene, dashing through the snow. Magical and wonderous. Main version, 60, 60us, 30 and sting

Description: Sharp searing strings, perfect for murder, mystery moments

Description: Perfect for scene transitions and underscore for scary threatening moments

Description: Retro TV brass ident. Great for various projects.