Description: Active & Energetic music logo. Good representation for the Label, Website, advertising, incoming messages (SMS, e-mail), ringtones, system sound, etc..

Description: sample of hexagonal toms hi pitch

Description: sample of hexagonal tom low pitch

Description: Sample of hexagonal toms mid pitch

Description: sample of hexagonal tom low and hi pitch

Description: sample of hexagonal tom mid pitch

Description: A very mystical and meditative tune with a hauntingly beautiful harmonic structure featuring solo piano.

Description: A fun and eccentric tune with a cute melody and very moving and interesting accompaniment featuring acoustic guitar, electric piano, piano, acoustic bass, marimba and steel drum.

Description: A free-spirited latin waltz full of possibilities for the future featuring a bright and aggressive piano, electric piano, vibes, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, drums, percussion and a delightful flute.

Description: A melancholic yet moving smooth jazz tune filled with a hopeful sadness featuting piano, electric bass, acoustic guitar, electric piano and drums.