Description: Uplifting, optimistic track with solid beat, piano and synths. Great for positive, celebratory music!

Description: Laid-back arrangement of piano, electric piano, acoustic guitars, bass, drums and strings suggested to underscore scenes of contemplation.

Description: advertising, ambience, background, bar, beautiful, chill, cinematic, club, cocktail, commercials, doublebass, evening, gentle, improvization, inspiration, inspiring, jazz, lounge, love piano, luxury, piano bar, pop quiet, relax, restourant, romantic, smooth jazz, soft, sweet, tv advertising

Description: An epic and cinematic movie trailer featuring solo flutes and full orchestra with choir. The flute open the trailer with the main theme. The strings then take the chord progression and build it until the entire orchestra enters with the theme building into a climax. The trailer ends with a soft reiteration of the opening theme. This track works well for video games, videos, films, movies or commercials!

Description: This cheerful melody brightens your day, a simple and steady pace builds from acoustic piano and glock, into a full string ending. Hopeful, happy and wholesome.

Description: Spoofy espionage track, with James-Bond-esque guitar, rich strings and a driving groove. Dark and haunting, conjuring images of dark streets in Eastern Europe, cloak and dagger activities and thriller action.

Description: Wild African Drums, Electronic Synths, Suspenseful build up for action sequence for TV/Film cues

Description: A futuristic sounding synth-driven piece with searing drum hits and techno-like sound effects. Elicits images of extreme heat or chilling cold to bring on a mood of isolation, foreboding, nightmarish dreams, and evil-doings. Ideal for science fiction, horror, dark/edgy films, video games, and documentaries.

Description: An acoustic guitar theme emoting a sense of emptiness, withdrawal and reflection.