Description: An acoustic guitar theme aimed at creating a mixture of concern, drama and introspection.

Description: An acoustic guitar theme aimed at producing a feeling of sadness, loneliness, etc.

Description: An acoustic guitar theme emoting a sense of tension or daring.

Description: This is an acoustic guitar track emoting a sense of concentration or worry.

Description: Only Time Will Tell is fresh and captivating, with folk rock and classical elements providing a "timeless" lyrical and musical message and journey. Opens with Spanish-Classical finger-picked guitar follower by an oboe, strings and atmospheric vibe. Extended version includes Santana like dynamic electric guitar leads. Moody, thoughtful and beautiful.

Description: Solo acoustic guitar with a light synth pad. Slow, open and relaxed. Contemplative and peaceful. Great background for film or TV.

Description: A suspicious and mysterious pad creates an uneasy feeling.

Description: Scary whispers of a ghosts and dark ambient sounds

Description: Positive muted acoustic guitars create a bright and floating track.

Description: An ambient moving electronic pad is create a positive floating track.