Description: Soaring, Epic, Grand and Dramatic Instrumental Orchestral Music with Asian influences. Orchestra, Symphonic, Film score, Discovery, Adventure, Music, Asia, building, big, climax, film, rpg, gaming, intense, television, corporate video, trailer, advertising, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Emotional, Moving, Dark, Bright, Wildlife, Underscore, Instrumental, Incidental, Background, Drama, Serious, instrumental music, hopeful, hope, space, galaxy, sci fi, science fiction, theme, Superhero, hero, heroic, song, Trailers

Description: Rough acoustic guitars with a decorative drum beat!

Description: A beautiful Music Box track with uplifting melodies.

Description: A pretty version of Hush Little Baby played on piano and celesta.

Description: A beautiful lulluby featuring celesta.

Description: An intimate and slow moving Music Box track with pretty melodies.

Description: Warm and building, featuring solo piano creating a sentimental and reflective mood.

Description: Driving acoustic enlightenment. Confident, sincere, and heartfelt.

Description: Beautifully layered acoustic guitars. Uplifting melodies. Everything will work out ok.

Description: Sentimental and bright, featuring solo acoustic piano in the style of New Age Jazz creates a warm and nostalgic mood.