Description: Arpeggiating sine waves, vast echo patterns, and ominous and complex chordings with lush synth pads and electronic vocal chorus. Good for science fiction and science documentary.

Description: Only Time Will Tell is fresh and captivating, with folk rock and classical elements providing a "timeless" lyrical and musical message and journey. Opens with Spanish-Classical finger-picked guitar follower by an oboe, strings and atmospheric vibe. Extended version includes Santana like dynamic electric guitar leads. Moody, thoughtful and beautiful.

Description: Gentle and light featuring warm solo piano creating a reflective and sentimental mood.

Description: Light introduction with introspective piano leads to a happy and optimistic mood.

Description: A very deliberate and funky smooth jazz with piano, electric piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and drums.

Description: Bittersweet, melancholy melody played on syncopated pizzicato strings, harp and percussion. Suggested for underscoring of formal funerals, serious narrative, tragic love scenes, also for media production cues, images of natural disaster relief and calls to donate. Key of A, starts at 78 beats/min

Description: From the sudden jumps to the outright grotesque, this track will lure you into a world of axe murderers, cannibals, zombies, and hostile aliens. Can you hear the voices?

Description: Gentle and tender featuring introspective solo piano creating a reflective and sentimental mood.

Description: Propelling percussion, bass, and friendly acoustic guitars. Hopeful and spirited.