Description: Music for games such as Brave Frontier, Final Fantasy, Clash of Clans etc. Great for a location scene particularly at night. Written in the classic old Japanese-styled games from Capcom, Square Enix and Nintendo. Also suitable for other games, commercials or trailers.

Description: you are swimming under the sea underwater subaquating scuba diving

Description: a cool underscore crafted with care for many edits piano romantic, film score, tv series,Ambient music, modern classical, Energetic, Optimistic,

Description: A quietly grooving track, perfect for any media moment. Great for reveals, makeovers and any type of tv music.

Description: Think Arabian nights or hot desert with horses running.

Description: Quirky orchestral strings and percussion. Perfect for any awkward moment.

Description: Fun and quirky comedy underscore. Pizzicato strings and percussion

Description: Quirky comedy underscore strings and percussion with rhodes piano

Description: Odd and awkward moments need this! Fun orchestral quirky underscore music

Description: Modern comedy underscore, fun and quirky with a little funky flavor. Pizz strings and muted guitar lay the ground work, space is filled with funky rhodes and organ riffs.