Description: Shocking brass cue has a bombastic and ironic feel reminiscent of Alexander Courage. Prepare to jump out of your seat!

Description: End your production with a quick celebratory orchestral cue that cuts easily to a pop song or other Mood Paint track.

Description: Starting with a low thump and featuring a monstrous gasp from the brass, this should scare the Sugar Daddies out of the front row.

Description: Bittersweet, melancholy motif played on piano, digital and analogue synths and percussion.

Description: Solo piano plays sentimental piece combining simple motifs with close harmony, suggested for intimate scenes of reflection, optimism, shared family moments.

Description: Fun, Happy, Playful, Banjo Music cue, suitable for Duck Dynasty, Swamp Hunters kind of underscore

Description: Groovy Funky Harmonica Music Cue

Description: Slide Guitar Music Cue, will work for underscore, adverts, YouTube vids, think Duck Dynasty, Breaking Bad, Swamp Hunters

Description: Slide Guitar, Backwoods Hillbilly Music Cue - Sting

Description: Harmonica and slide guitar music cue, transition, Bumper, sting, great for Duck Dynasty style underscores