Description: A fast harmonic harmony played on an acoustic guitar for cuts, fades, cues, indents, logos and splashes.

Description: Jolly, bright and up tempo version of the famous Sousa march. Feel the swell of the waves and smell the salty air with this solo piccolo and whistles version, in the style of a sea shanty. Perfect for all nautical flavoured commercials, documentary, presentations, theme parks and attractions. 30sec versions with or without tambourines.

Description: Elegant and short glitch logo for your projects.

Description: Moody piano plays simple octave melody, in lightly syncopated accompaniment with upright bass, drums and subtle automated synth.

Description: A fun and unique track with a great rhythm section playing funky exotic music, with the amazing soprano sax piping a storied mystery of happiness, celebration,and universal love. Great smooth and funky track instrumental for any TV and Film project, radio and muzak and more.

Description: A sixty second grooving instrumental Cue so interesting and versatile, great for a long list of commercial applications. Unique, tight and creative with a riveting semi sophisticated keyboard-marimba arpeggio. With no melody, you can layer additional trax or vocals.

Description: Dark, brooding and sinister, yet calm, gentle and haunting theme. Forensic investigation at the scene of the crime. Perfect for TV theme or incidental music depicting crime, death and destruction. Features keyboard pads, piano, harp, choir and solo violin. Various cuts and stings, main, 60sec, short theme and stings

Description: Industrious, rhythmic and productive light orchestral dramedy. With a mechanical or clock ticking effect, this track works well accompanying movement and maybe slightly mundane activity. Perfect for dramedy or TV reality cooking, baking, sewing, craft style programming. Various mixes & cuts including 60, 30 & sting

Description: Intense, dramatic & big cinematic action thriller featuring full orchestra. On the edge, waiting for the moment the killer strikes. Full of movement & atmosphere, with dramatic strikes & epic movie tense orchestrations. Perfect for horror, thriller, action & dangerous moments. Various mixes, 60sec, 30sec & stings

Description: Magical, cinematic, child-like fantasies, from a forest underworld inhabited by elves and fairies to wondrous castles filled with memories of past childhoods. Opens with minimal celesta and gradually builds, then dissolves away. Light Orchestra & choir. Various cuts and mixes including 60sec, 30sec and stings