Description: Inquisitive, hesitant, with more than a little intrigue. When there's nothing to do but wait with time passing by, just keep busy. Up-tempo, light activity, minimal orchestral, with a strong sense of dramedy & perfect for reality TV. Feeling a little nervous & apprehensive. Lots of edit points. Main, 60sec, 30sec, stings, stagers & bridge

Description: Brighten and build up a logo indent to herald in and lift up the visual point. This is a hi tech shimmering synthesizer frequency swell and glitter introduction sting with chord tone resonance lasting 5 seconds.

Description: A bright upbeat stinger. Steve M Collom

Description: Fun banjo music cue, will work for underscore, bumpers and stings and childrens

Description: A quick high tech ascending synthesizer frequency swell for video production logo indents.

Description: A short musical cue to serve as the audio logo for a brand or company

Description: Fast, fun and lively circus music - the perfect accompaniment to slapstick clown routines & juggling acts. Crazy, wild and knockabout antics. Takes you right back to that front row seat in the big top. Also great for animal antics, cartoons, children's TV, Out-Takes. Various cuts - main, 30sec & sting

Description: Music logo with rich sound.

Description: Music logo with rich sound.