Description: The feel of floating carefree in a meadow on a lazy summer afternoon. Piano and nothing else!

Description: Sparse piano keys introduce this cheeky playful music cue, perf chimes, perfect for comedy underscore or commercial and advertising. Lots of comedy sounds and playful. Will work as a charactor theme for childrens TV or animation and will introduce an element of light hearted fun to any visual.

Description: Atmospheric music cue, danger ahead, something hiding. Good for reality TV/documentery

Description: Playful piano and tinkling percussion create a music cue that will suit work as a dark comedy underscore, great for tense moments, something about to happen but holds onto a very playful vibe. Perfect for childrens TV

Description: 8 second drum stinger or segue with fade ending.

Description: A haunting piano track underscored by an ethereal drone and electric guitar. This is the underscore track containing the drone, guitar, and percussion elements.

Description: look for others files with same name euro construction kit and french touch many edits accordeon.

Description: Create a relaxing and atmospheric mood with this track, acoustic guitar intro with a soft melodic piano creating a gentle and soothing moment that will relax your soul. soft violins and cellos close the track. Perfect for underscore and will work with a voiceover.

Description: This piece is a hectic, driving and powerful. It takes the mind to sporting highlights, engaging sports games and thrilling competition. It is sure to quicken the pulse of your audience as they listen and watch your event.

Description: This short piece could be an opener for a celebration in celtic downtown for example. A flute theme accompanied by medieval drums and a hurdy-gurdy.