Description: Big rock track, live instruments with great modern production, catchy riffs which are instantly pleasing. Please take the time to listen to my other tracks if you enjoy this one.

Description: A happy melody with ukelele, piano and trumpet.

Description: Wonderful pretty piano and string track with multiple versions, epic feelings that touch the listener, I have made a large number of lovely piano and string orchestrations which are here also for you to listen to if you choose under my name. These are very versatile and fit into visual applications with simplicity.

Description: oriental pipes transport you to a mysterious place

Description: guitar instrumental edit version of :35.

Description: automated synth bass and drums accompany organ, piano, glockenspiel and edgy strings for a suspenseful, forward-moving motif, alternated with wistful chime-like pattern.

Description: guitar instrumental stinger / cue.

Description: Tense moment, awaiting a decision, time ticking away style production bed. Big chords stabs, clock ticking FX, percussion. Main mix, lite mix, 2 x 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: string quartet sting - with r&b drums (1 of 5).

Description: r&b / hip hop style instrumental which employs various money related sound effects to build the rhythm and melody.