Description: A pretty version of Hush Little Baby played on piano and celesta.

Description: An intimate and beautiful Music Box track.

Description: An intimate and slow moving Music Box track with pretty melodies.

Description: A quirky and slightly demented Music Box track.

Description: A pretty Music Box track with an inquisitive sound.

Description: Bouncy with a rhythmic intro, pulsing electronic textures, bright acoustic guitar and driving building loops create a positive and optimistic scene.

Description: Rhodes piano and deep bass intro leads to pulsing drum loops and introspective synth melodies creating a scene of accomplishment and resolution.

Description: Gentle and warm featuring introspective solo piano creating a nostalgic and sentimental mood.

Description: Introspective, solemn, and lightly rhythmic featuring solo acoustic guitar in a modern classical style creates a longing and pensive mood.

Description: Bouncy and driving with pulsing electronic textures and introspective electric guitar create an inspirational mood.