Description: Wonderful pretty piano and string track with multiple versions, epic feelings that touch the listener, I have made a large number of lovely piano and string orchestrations which are here also for you to listen to if you choose under my name. These are very versatile and fit into visual applications with simplicity.

Description: An intriguing Music Box track with a serious tone.

Description: A pretty version of Hush Little Baby played on piano and celesta.

Description: An intimate and beautiful Music Box track.

Description: An intimate and slow moving Music Box track with pretty melodies.

Description: A quirky and slightly demented Music Box track.

Description: A pretty Music Box track with an inquisitive sound.

Description: Bouncy with a rhythmic intro, pulsing electronic textures, bright acoustic guitar and driving building loops create a positive and optimistic scene.

Description: Rhodes piano and deep bass intro leads to pulsing drum loops and introspective synth melodies creating a scene of accomplishment and resolution.

Description: Gentle and warm featuring introspective solo piano creating a nostalgic and sentimental mood.