Description: look for others files with same name zombi construction kit.

Description: Simple and pretty guitar with catchy piano that would be great for commercial

Description: A futuristic sounding synth-driven piece with searing drum hits and techno-like sound effects. Elicits images of extreme heat or chilling cold to bring on a mood of isolation, foreboding, nightmarish dreams, and evil-doings. Ideal for science fiction, horror, dark/edgy films, video games, and documentaries.

Description: in the style of herbie hancock.

Description: A free-spirited latin waltz full of possibilities for the future featuring a bright and aggressive piano, electric piano, vibes, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, drums, percussion and a delightful flute.

Description: A very laid back and relaxed jazz ballad perfect for an evening by the fire featuring piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, vibes and drums.

Description: A fun and delightful tune with nylon stringed guitar leading the way accompanied by steel string acoustic guitar and acoustic bass.

Description: A warm and whimsical jazz swing tune with commanding drums brushes throughout plus piano, acoustic bass and piano.

Description: A melancholic and wistful bossa nova with piano, acoustic guitar, vibes, acoustic bass and drums.