Description: Solo drums track - energetic, erratic, powerful and groovy!

Description: Empowering, victorious piece with piano, solid groove and cool modern synths. This track has a strong sense of achievement and striving for our goals!

Description: Very uplifting, happy piece beginning with delicate piano melody, bells & acoustic guitar, then building with strings and drums. Fun, inspiring, optimistic and celebratory atmosphere!

Description: A sophisticated, building track that starts off mellow and crescendos into a big, exciting ride.

Description: Tense, building cue. Creates a mysterious and suspenseful little journey.

Description: Slow burn, suspenseful tension cue perfect for leading the listener down dark hallway.

Description: A slow burn, mysterious and suspenseful cue

Description: Fast paced, busy, dramatic tension cue

Description: Slow burn, tension cue. Subtle build, smooth finish. Perfect for creating a mysterious tone.

Description: A dark, somber soundtrack, perfect for docudramas, documentaries, film, TV, radio, live presentations, episodes and trailers.