Description: Slow and Mysterious Track; slightly slower than Dark Cabin 1

Description: Slow and mysterious track

Description: Dramatic building music cue. The camera zooms in from space flying over vast deep blue oceans, meeting huge crashing waves. Opens gently with a single note played by violins, gradually expanding with slow piano chords, then blooming into huge epic crescendos with swelling cymbal crashing waves.

Description: Music cue for games or movie or film Scenes

Description: 37sec music cue for advertising,radio spots,video game,

Description: Catchy pop soundtrack ideal to bring up every modern business. Examples of use: corporate videos, advertising, tutorials, presentations and more.

Description: Happy acoustic instrumental version of the song Happy Birthday to you. It is the most popular song in the world! Perfect for commercials, happy baby music box for YouTube videos and advertising projects. Bright, relaxing children track. Happy and pretty. Loving!

Description: A quick, light-hearted, playful piano piece for 30 second ads or PSAs.

Description: A short intro made up with huge taiko drums and other percussions. Perfect for an intro to a video, game, youtube channel and many others.

Description: Music is written in the style of Japanese games such as Brave Frontier and Final Fantasy. Great for a scene where an enemy attacks. Suitable for games like those from Capcom, Square Enix, Nintendo. Also great for game trailers and fantasy mobile games.

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