Description: Warm and sentimental featuring solo acoustic piano with Blues elements creating a reflective mood and depicting a patriotic scene.

Description: A riff based jazz swing tune full of agreement and compromise with piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, marimba and vibes.

Description: Light and breezy acoustic guitars. Simple and clean. Sounds very fresh and hopeful. Great for commercial use.

Description: acoustic guitar and mandolin. Light-hearted, fun and catchy.

Description: in the style of mac vs. pc commercials.

Description: A whimsical yet motivating jazz swing tune in the style of Django Rheinhart with a touch of bluegrass featuring acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, mandolin and banjo.

Description: A very mystical and meditative tune with a hauntingly beautiful harmonic structure featuring piano, marimba, acoustic guitar, cellos and basses.

Description: A latin jazz tune that's very forthright and forceful with piano, electric piano, electric bass, marimba, acoustic guitar, flute and percussion.

Description: stirring string quartet theme.