Description: Pompous and playful heavy metal guitar hero track . Big rhythm guitars, solid bass and sharped drums. Pride and honor, extreme sports, sexy cars, cardio.

Description: Guitar driven rock heavy track. Powerful sound that enhances a feeling of performance and durability. Instrumentals only.

Description: Menacing, dark and powerful track! Horror textures, fast drum fills, killer guitar mesa riffs and giants percussions. Fearful and hypnotic.

Description: Killer guitar riffs in your face, Hardcore, modern heavy metal track with a big, slamming wall of guitar riffs, atmospheric synths. Serious sound for WWE and extreme sports.

Description: Strong distorted guitars dueling while synths, drum and bass do the rest. Hard/Heavy Rock style that works very well for high impact atmosphere.

Description: Game shows like The Millionaire, industrial sounds with deep heavy distorted guitars. Very good for ethereal backgrounds and suspense

Description: Full of rhythm guitar riffs and industrial sounds. Hammering Intro, pressing strophe and electronic refrain with a taste of dance music. Dark and thick sound for action scenes and extreme sports. Aggressive and powerful.