Description: Intense heavy distorted guitar riffage. Sounds like Godsmack, Disturbed, Stuart Chatwood (Prince of Persia: WW music composer). Suitable for action videogames, speedy races and other.

Description: Killer guitar riffs in your face, Hardcore, modern heavy metal track with a big, slamming wall of guitar riffs, atmospheric synths. Serious sound for WWE and extreme sports.

Description: Extemely powerful driving heavy metal! Great for extreme sports videos, commericals, etc...

Description: Tense and dangerous sounding heavy metal loop. Features distorted electric guitars, bass and drums. This loop is at 130 bpm.

Description: A heavy guitar instrumental but not to much of a shred fest

Description: Action, Metal Guitar, Big Drums, Drama and Adventure

Description: Hard Rock Guitars , Drum, Bass, For Sport Action, Fight Scene, Aggressive Commercial

Description: Just pure, unadulterated metal...great for explosive action scenes, street racing, and gun fights. MEEEEEEETAAAAAAALLLL!!!

Description: Heavy energetic song that has to be with system satiety perfect for extreme sport videos, and any projects that needs that driven energy.

Description: Steel guitars ease you into a fast pulsating rock track that explodes into electronic keyboards and hard guitar.