Description: Ominous solo guitar leads into heavy-duty thrash metal riff. Breakdown introduces a short period of reflection before the madness begins again.

Description: Blasting drums, powerful bass and distorted guitars are the basis of this track. This is a completely finished song in the style of power metal without vocals. Perfect to show speed, extreme and drive.

Description: Rock / Metal Track down tempo with a nice lyric voice woman Influence : Evanescence

Description: Short but powerful, fast soundtrack with drums, bass and distorted guitars. 4/4. Suitable as a soundtrack for video associated with any extreme sport and driving.

Description: A heavy metal march groove that's full of serious rock hard steely determination and the unmistaking feeling of foreboding. This backing track would work great in heroic preperation for battling advesity or the accomplisment of difficult goals. It's a full metal band ensamble with low down gritty 7 string electric guitar, 5 string electric bass, a powerful commanding drum kit with pounding toms , a choir of mythological sirens, and tension string synthesizers. It includes a forward and reversed edgy angst guitar solo. 74 beats per minute..

Description: intense jam session with only drums and chord electric guitar.

Description: Action, Metal Guitar, Big Drums, Drama and Adventure

Description: Game shows like The Millionaire, industrial sounds with deep heavy distorted guitars. Very good for ethereal backgrounds and suspense

Description: Infernal cinematic instrumental metal composition with drums, bass guitar and heavy guitars

Description: hard rock theme. instrumental and experimental.