Description: Head Strong,Rick Balentine,SCORE LA Library

Description: ANGRY HEAVY METAL!!! Fast, aggressive drums, powerful bass, dissonant guitars, with an exotic, Eastern influenced electric guitar solo. Extreme high energy, adrenaline rush.

Description: Intense/brutal high octane death metal

Description: Hard Rock Guitars , Drum, Bass, For Sport Action, Fight Scene, Aggressive Commercial

Description: Super fast rolling double kick bass drums give way to a sexy classic rock inspired guitar riff and soaring lead guitar.

Description: Heavy metal nu metal guitars, funked out hip hop beat, soulful keys and a peaceful eastern Indian inspired interlude. Great for marketing extreme SUV trucks, or adventure, sports and action scenes.

Description: A heavy guitar instrumental but not to much of a shred fest

Description: True Norwegian black metal. Experience the horror of a diseased mind!

Description: heavy guitar riff with a large beat and a menacing breakdown

Description: heavy guitar riff with a big beat