Description: This is powerful, energetic, driving, extreme and loud hardcore/experimental metal track. It starts with angry guitar riff with synth sounds and continues with rhythm guitar, bass and powerful drum beat. A lot of guitar riffs variations. Sound is very tough and extreme. This track have few different parts, one of them sounds like dubstep rock, which brings it to new level of energy. Will be perfect for action, extreme, sports , racing or fighting videos, games, films. Used instruments: Electric guitar, bass, drums, synth sounds, dubstep bass.

Description: Extemely powerful driving heavy metal! Great for extreme sports videos, commericals, etc...

Description: A heavy guitar instrumental but not to much of a shred fest

Description: Just pure, unadulterated metal...great for explosive action scenes, street racing, and gun fights. MEEEEEEETAAAAAAALLLL!!!

Description: Heavy energetic song that has to be with system satiety perfect for extreme sport videos, and any projects that needs that driven energy.

Description: Steel guitars ease you into a fast pulsating rock track that explodes into electronic keyboards and hard guitar.

Description: A heavy aggressive instrumental with a dark feel

Description: Pounding,and relentlessly aggressive guitar driven instrumental

Description: A angry and aggressive metal guitar based instrumental

Description: Full of rhythm guitar riffs and industrial sounds. Hammering Intro, pressing strophe and electronic refrain with a taste of dance music. Dark and thick sound for action scenes and extreme sports. Aggressive and powerful.