Description: An exciting driving track full of energy and action. Great for sports and racing or for games where you need to show movement force, action and power.

Description: Background music, Action heavy driving

Description: Heavy groovey up beat action music sport action movie action Instrumental

Description: It's a complete song in the style of heavy metal without vocals. Perfect to show speed, extreme, and drive.

Description: Punchy and aggressive nu-metal/hard-rock instrumental track. In the tradition of Godsmack and Disturbed.

Description: A heavy progressive metal with lots of tempo changes! NO vocals included. Taken from the "Battle of Egos" EP

Description: progressive, moody metal track. twinpeaks like mood!.

Description: Powerful high-speed metal track, recorded at a rate of 170 beats per minute. Powerful rhythms and melodic base, blasting drums and strong bass make this track perfect to show the action, fighting, power and speed.

Description:      Powerful metal track with cool guitar riffs, reverse effects, distorted lead and crazy guitar solo. Also, there is some glitch effects in the middle of the track that make the sound more creative and atmospheric. Perfect for use in sport (like boxing), military, martial arts videos, advertisements etc. 100BPM, Dmin. Thanks for listening, rating and purchasing-)

Description: Powerful soundtrack with drums, bass and distorted guitars. 4/4. Good for video associated with any extreme sport and driving.