Description: Brutal metal track that will have you running for cover.

Description: It's a complete song in the style of power metal without vocals. This is a epic song with a melodic foundation and a powerful hard guitar riffs. In this composition, I used a synthesizer. The main theme is realized on it. This track has become faster and more melodic than my previous work. Ideal for videos showing extreme, speed, flight and various epic scenes. Well ideal for video games like a shooter or a race etc.

Description: Speedy metal instrumental romp. Lovely melodic bridge before a return to the crush.

Description: Down tempo Metal instrumental, starts slow and moody and melodic, turns crushing.

Description: Crushing metal instrumental, with melodic interludes, mid-uptempo.

Description: A heavy, Guitar driven theme with lots of grunge and lots of Guitar Chunk

Description: A blisteringly heavy guitar riff collides with a solid backbeat shot through with guitar solos and screaming feedback.

Description: The perfect balance of melody and aggressive rhythm of hard drums is realized in this composition. The release masterfully combines the traditions of the old Hard Rock and the modern sound of Heavy Metal bands. The synthesizer parts paint the track with futuristic sounds peculiar to the groups working in a new Alternative style. The music is aggressive, but it is easy and interesting to listen.

Description: This intro metal ident for your video, blogs, podcasts and other projects! Enjoyable listening!

Description: Powerful, wistful, persistent and disturbing metal composition for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!