Description: Адреналин (эпинефрин) — основной гормон мозгового вещества надпочечников, а также нейромедиатор.

Description: Ominous solo guitar leads into heavy-duty thrash metal riff. Breakdown introduces a short period of reflection before the madness begins again.

Description: Driving, powerful, pumping modern industrial metal track with cool distortedguitar riffs, sound effects, action drums and guitar solo. Perfect for use in sport videos, advertisements, reality TV, trailers and action cues such as X Games, Motocross. In the style of Rammstein, Ministry, Rob Zombie, White Zombie, KMFDM and Celldweller.

Description: Fast and powerful melodic song in the style of heavy metal without vocals. Perfect to show speed, extreme, and drive.

Description: An aggressive and heavy industrial metal/electronic track! This track seems custom-made for exciting film scenes, car chases or videogame action.

Description: Epic Sympho Metal track with guitars bass, drums. Cool for cinematic or video purposes. Sounds powerful.

Description: Hard rock cinematic track for your epic videos! Big sounding hybrid metal piece with heavy drums and guitars, electronics. Perfect for extreme, action, military, martial arts, urban, sport video, advertise, promo videos and movie trailers.

Description: An instrumental, melodic, hard rock/alternative metal track. Mixes dynamic, energetic guitars with hard hitting drums. Suitable for action packed projects, videos and games.

Description: It's a complete song in the style of heavy metal without vocals. This is a epic song with a melodic foundation and a powerful hard guitar riffs. Perfect to show speed, extreme, and drive.