Description: Metal track, aggressive and determined. Continuous development of the composition with heavy sound. Perfect for tough and active scenes projects in game development. The typical metal rock sound with drums, heavy guitars and bass. Intrusion and attack - so we characterize this track.

Description: This track features heavily distorted electric guitar riffs, rhythmic bass guitar, fast paced programmed live drums as well as beats, background gothic choirs and synthesizers.

Description: High energy, groove-satisfies! Excellent for radio voice over i.e. sports event, truck show, etc. Old school Metallica feel.

Description: Easy Rider Revisited is a heavy metal hard rock music cue designed for choppers and bikers subject matter. Music for a strip club, biker bar, cruising the open road, and biker gangs. Think From Dusk Till Dawn.

Description: Guitar driven rock heavy track. Powerful sound that enhances a feeling of performance and durability. Instrumentals only.

Description: Iron Dawn Hard Rock heavy metal

Description: Semi-Energetic rock/metal instrumental loop featuring various electric guitars. Possible uses can range from sporting events, preparation scenes, etc.

Description: A powerful metal track with some electronic effects and synths arranges perfect for extreme sports, video games, YouTube videos and more.

Description: There is steely determination and an unstoppable forward motion from this metal mach! It’s done with the way down low and gritty crunch of a seven string electric guitar, five string bass, and rock percussion drum kit. 146bpm

Description: Metal, Heavy Metal, Aggressive, Dark, Driving, Intense, Underscore, Action, Adrenaline, Danger, Pounding, Urgent, Chase, Mystery, Industrial, Video Game