Description: Nu-Metal track from FaZt. Enjoy it!

Description: Down tempo Metal instrumental, starts slow and moody and melodic, turns crushing.

Description: Metal, Heavy Metal, Aggressive, Dark, Driving, Intense, Menacing, Underscore, Adrenaline, Pounding, Angry, Evil, Death, Thrash, Action, Mayhem, Extreme, Sports

Description: uptempo driving hard rock/metal. great for car scenes, extreme sport, action, etc.

Description: Speedy metal instrumental romp. Lovely melodic bridge before a return to the crush.

Description: progressive, moody metal track. twinpeaks like mood!.

Description: Uptempo, crushing metal guitar with melodic breaks.

Description: Rock Guitar Aggressive Dark Electric Energetic Powerful

Description: Agressive heavy metal loop with the modern synth sounds.