Description: uptempo driving hard rock/metal. great for car scenes, extreme sport, action, etc.

Description: Finished piece of music with distorted guitars live, bass and drums, without vocals. Can be used as part or entirely as a soundtrack. This is an extremely heavy composition with a dense, fat guitar sound.

Description: Nu-Metal track from FaZt. Enjoy it!

Description: Full-on Metal Instrumental Rhythm Track (Bass, Drums, Guitars) similar to Metallica

Description: progressive, moody metal track. twinpeaks like mood!.

Description: Rock / Metal Track down tempo with a nice lyric voice woman Influence : Evanescence

Description: A Heavy - Power - Progressive Song with Various Tempo Changes, an Acoustic Part in The middle and an Epic Ending! NO Vocals Included. Taken from the "Battle of Egos" EP

Description: hard rock theme. instrumental and experimental.

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