Description: This track has the basis of the classical melodic heavy metal of the Swedish school. The track is well suited for the process of training, as well as dynamic sports, martial arts, racing and much more. Powerful metal riffs of guitars, supplemented by a dense sound of bass and drum section. A small melodic branch in the second part diversifies the heavy reefs of distortion. The track will perfectly fit into any action video, in addition there is a short version and a set of loops. This musical theme can be an excellent addition to your projects, for example: Sports Training Interviews with athletes Bodybuilding and CrossFit Motivational Workouts Extreme sports and competitions Battle scenes war Dramatic and adventure action Shooters, Racing and other action games

Description: Guitar driven rock heavy track. Powerful sound that enhances a feeling of performance and durability. Instrumentals only.

Description: This theme is one of the representatives of melodic heavy metal styles. The mood of the track changes over time, from melancholy to an aggressive desire to live and to achieve goals. It is perfect for training and overcoming difficulties on the way to victory. The track's atmosphere consists of powerful guitars in heavy metal style and rhythm section to match it, at a measured tempo of 140 bpm. Bass in drop C creates a sense of heaviness and power. On the other hand the atmosphere is diluted with the melody of the space piano, the heaviness of the metal balances with melody and atmospheric, emphasizing the motivational idea of ??the track. This powerful and melodic theme, it can be an excellent help for a wide range of projects and ideas, for example: Battle scenes and battlefield Achievements through overcoming obstacles Difficult way of the main character Dynamic actions Dramatic nature and enviroment Problem generations of people Racing and other action games Advertising commercials Motivational Workouts Bodybuilding and crossfit Sports Movies and others

Description: This powerful metal track – really powerful and energetic song. Death metal drums, heavy guitar riffs and lights piano in the modern style. If you search to heavy and also melodic sound for your video project - you found it. Powerful metal sound will add pressure and dynamics, as well as make your installation more drive, modern and energetic.

Description: Semi-Energetic rock/metal instrumental loop featuring various electric guitars. Possible uses can range from sporting events, preparation scenes, etc.

Description: A powerful metal track with some electronic effects and synths arranges perfect for extreme sports, video games, YouTube videos and more.

Description: Classical, Traditional, Public Domain, Dark, Intense, Underscore, Driving, Unique, Twist, Ominous, Odd, Intense, Chilling, Sinister

Description: Metal, Heavy Metal, Aggressive, Dark, Driving, Intense, Menacing, Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Adrenaline, Pounding, Angry, Evil, Death, Thrash, Action, Mayhem, Extreme, Sports

Description: Metal, Heavy Metal, Aggressive, Dark, Driving, Intense, Underscore, Action, Adrenaline, Danger, Pounding, Urgent, Chase, Mystery, Industrial, Video Game

Description: We have made something like a dj mix with songs from our first EP called Battle of Egos

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