Description: Hard and epic metal track that fits with all types of suspense thriller productions and backgrounds.

Description: Speedy metal tracks that fits with all types of action chase backgrounds/scenes.

Description: A short hard metal track followed by electric guitar, suitable for games,movies and more

Description: Fast metal track that may fits with all types of thriller production, chasing backgrounds and scenes and much more.

Description: Heavy alternative metal track suitable for all types of energetic, thrill backgrounds and action production.

Description: Dark ambient metal track followed by electric guitar and rhythm guitar. Best for games, suspenseful movies and film scene clips.

Description: Alternative metal track with rhythm guitar section. Suitable for action movie scenes, video games and extreme sports.

Description: Hot rock-metal track followed by electric & rhythm guitar. Suitable for movies, documentaries, games and more

Description: Hot energetic alternative metal track fits with all types of energetic production and projects.

Description: Screaming and hitting the ambiance up!