Description: True Norwegian black metal. Experience the horror of a diseased mind!

Description: A blisteringly heavy guitar riff collides with a solid backbeat shot through with guitar solos and screaming feedback.

Description: This is single of my heart, first of all

Description: metal song with no vocals, heavy riffs, crisp drums.

Description: Metal Hardcore with a madness voice man.. guitar, bass, drums, fx ..

Description: Progressive song that symbolizes the desire to dream, sometimes hard, sometimes soft, with a slight touch of Djent, this song is the first single one man band Systematic Chaos, composer and writer by me - Serge Chaos :)

Description: Cold norwegian black metal.

Description: Cold and brutal Norwegian black metal to chill your soul.

Description: Piano song, it's very private.

Description: True Norwegian Black Metal inspired by artists such as Satyricon and Burzum. Cold distorted guitars and abyssal vocal layers fuels this song with atmosphere and blackened vibes.

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