Description: Necronator 2 Main Theme Song. It is the first version of the song used in the game. Vigorous yet joyous, it is a song of medieval age.

Description: Synth Pads Songs by Toge Productions. This is one of the creator's favorites. Very chilling and relaxing, full of soft pad sounds. Very simple composition yet stunning listening.

Description: Original Flash Game Music by Toge Productions. Relic of War game. Much like in a propaganda situation, this song can lead to such a rushing adrenaline in warfare.

Description: Relaxing, Chilling Song by Toge Productions

Description: Relaxing Song by Toge Productions. It is like living deep down inside water, very cool. It also has the feeling of going around the outer space.

Description: Cheerful Song by Toge Productions. It is the modified version of the song from the first Necronator, the 8bit mode. It is very cheerful, giving the feel of living around barn and ranch.

Description: Soft and Relax Song by Toge Productions. Lots of ambient and surrounding sounds.

Description: Game Song by Toge Productions. First made from a rough composition of an 8 bit music, it is recreated to make a fully fantasy-surrealistic circus-like song.

Description: Game Song by Toge Productions. It is actually a song that is made from bunch of sound effects, hence given the name.

Description: Game Song by Toge Productions, first intended for Planetary Conflict theme song. Very unique in beat electronically.

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