Description: 60 second loop featuring acoustic guitar, rhodes organ, drums and bass

Description: Soft piano melody with rising chords and brass backing creates a soothing yet slight slightly emotional, romantic piano track. Useful background track for love or scenes of sadness with a classical contemporary theme.

Description: A happy, lighthearted piano loop that brightens the mood. Can be incorporated into film productions, television shows, youtube productions, commercials and background music for a variety of purposes.

Description: A simple piano track evoking feelings of beauty, hope, reflection and love. Tranquil and delicate, it will add a warm touch to your project.

Description: This loop is a reverbed electric piano that plays a series of short runs with the occasional chord. It is fast, exciting and great for a dance track.

Description: Pastoral, scenic, reflective, piano feature

Description: Light Classical/modern piano loop. Happy ambient music suitable for romantic scenes etc.

Description: A positive, spirited piano theme that loops seamlessly. A great background track for slideshows, presentations, youtube, films, commercials and the like.

Description: inspiring and romantic piano loop for your project in a 6 minutes version.